Celebrate Bats with Collectible Bat Pins

Four times a year I design a new bat pin to help create awareness for many species of bats in the United States. My first bat pin is dedicated to the Little Brown Bat of the Northeast. I call him Umber for his rich brown coloring. Many bats will follow Umber.  But, for now Umber should be swooping in from his hibernation in another week or so. (All pins are copyright protected by HallowStyle LLC)

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Umber - Little Brown Bat Pin

Umber the little brown bat is common to North America. These sweet little bats are insectivores meaning they eat lots of bugs like moths, wasps, beetles, gnats, mosquitoes, midges and mayflies, among others.

Little Brown Bats can sleep up to nineteen hours a day in their day roost leaving them a few hours to hunt down all those pesky bugs.

Little Brown Bats are not very large their bodies are around 2-4 inches long and their wingspan is about 11 inches. They are a rich brown color like burnt umber, for us artists, and tiny, round, black ears.


Bat Lives Matter Pin

Every life matters, but most people can't conceive how important bats are to the ecosystem. Some people are under the misconception that all bats are rabies ridden vermin. Not true. Bats help preserve our crops by eating all those nasty plant-gorging insects. That means less insecticides on our food.

Bat's also act as seed distributors and pollinators. You like bananas don't you? Me too.

Be a bat ambassador everyday--not just on Bat Appreciation Day. It takes a village.

Bat Lives Matter.