Getting to Know the Hudson Valley Halloween Queen


You'd better get comfortable with a pumpkin spice latte.
This is going to take a while.

It all started in 1963—the day I was launched into this crazy world. My mother would tell you I was an evil child. My uncle says I’m lucky I’m alive. Sleep all day, scream all night. I think that’s why you will never hear a peep from me in a haunted house. I used up all my scream in my formative years. :-)


Spooky TV Shows

I was raised spooky. Growing up I gravitated toward anything dark and dismal. My favorite TV shows were and still are:

  • The Adams Family

  • Scooby Doo

  • Dark Shadows

  • Chiller Theatre

  • Anything that starred Vincent Price. We have to credit Poe for that!

I clearly remember being creeped out by the organ music of The Ghost and Mr. Chicken with Don Knotts.

Ghost Stories, Monsters and Vampires

Any books that entered our home had to do with ghosts, monsters or vampires. Here are a few that I have up until this day.  All provided by my beloved monster (aka Mom or Mommy Dearest).

This is so funny! My mother bought me this book of Vampire stories. The main story was Camilla by LeFanu, a wonderful writer of Gothic tales. I loved this story! Little did I know it was about lesbian vampires. I was 10, what did I know about stuff light that?

Over 50 Years of Trick r' Treating in the Hudson Valley

My fondest memories are of my costumes. They were generally homemade from whatever could be found in the house. A bed-sheet ghost with onyx black marker eyes; A hobo with a corncob pipe and a burnt-cork beard, a Mexican transplant before it wasn’t politically correct; sombrero on head and Mexican-made woven bag in hand, or the dreaded Mom, I can't breath plastic mask  with the pop your eye out elastic band.

My favorite candy:

  • Waxed Vampire Fangs

  • Wowee Wax Whistle

  • Candy Corn

The Hudson Valley Halloween Queen

I am a web developer by trade, in addition to being an artist and an author. That's a story for another day. I created a website for a college project, which some of you may remember as Haunted Hudson Valley. Much to my dismay, my research and writing would continuously be plagiarized.  My blood pressure would shoot to the moon and back,  You could witness my transition into a full-blooded she-wolf just dying to rip someone's throat out.

In any case, Haunted Hudson Valley opened many doors for me to developed into who I am today as the Hudson Valley Halloween Queen. From cemetery board member to Halloween parade planner and promoter, I have done it all and share it with YOU - my frightening friends. 

A steak was jammed in to my black heart the day I decided to cease Haunted Hudson Valley as a business, but they couldn't rob me of my creepy charisma. If it were not for Haunted Hudson Valley and social media, I never would have known my Coven sisters whose friendship I will value for the rest of my being. With all of your help, I will continue to heartily celebrate Halloween here in the Hudson Valley until my last breath.