The Stories behind my Halloween Stories

The Stories Behind My Halloween Books My first Halloween book for children, The Halloween Queen Who Lost Her Scream, thrilled audiences from 6 to 60 upon its release, and I had earned many opportunities to present the book at libraries across the region. I had no idea that this story would be as popular as it is among children of all ages. It has become a Halloween tradition for many families. For that, I am grateful.

The Halloween Queen Who Lost Her Scream was derived from the fact that I am not a screamer. I fear nothing. I may jump, but I will never scream. What kind of Halloween Queen is that? That is my nickname–HQ for short. All of my stories are based on some craziness that had an effect on me in my lifetime.

Night of the Candy Creepers is my favorite Halloween book. Night of the Candy Creepers, is not a favorite for parents. Let me explain why. I out them in a way that may shock them, but ittakes me back to all those times some kid’s Reese’s Peanut Butter Cupis getting pinched during a night of relentless trick ‘r treating. The kids really enjoy the surprise ending and so do parents.

After a night of fright, I decided to calm children’s fears by with Bye, Bye Boogeyman.
This rip-roaring tale of a fearless little girl who torments the boogeyman until he begs to be set free. This story was inspired by a spooky night in my aunts creepy old house. We heard footsteps coming up the stairs to our bedroom in the middle of the night, but no one every arrived. I held my cousin’s feed as she curved her little body around the stair to see who was there. Do you know who was there? Not a single soul! Or, maybe it was! We slept in the closet that night. Knowing what I know now, that Boogeyman would have had the night of his life.

When you share my Halloween books, you share a little piece of me in every story. I love that.

Thank you for sharing the spooky parts of my life.