Halloween Books Based on Childhood Experience

My first Halloween book for children, The Halloween Queen Who Lost Her Scream, thrilled audiences from 6 to 60. I earned many opportunities to present the book at libraries across the region. I had no idea this story would be so popular among children of all ages. It has become a Halloween tradition for many families. For that, I am grateful.

The Halloween Queen Who Lost Her Scream was derived from the fact that I am not a screamer. I fear nothing. I may jump, but I will never scream. What kind of Halloween Queen is that? That is my nickname–HQ for short. All of my stories are based on some craziness that had affected me as a child.

Night of the Candy Creepers is my favorite Halloween book. Night of the Candy Creepers, is not a favorite for parents. Let me explain why. I out them in a way that is shocking. This Halloween story takes me back to all those times some poor kid’s (me) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup or Snickers got pinched after a night of relentless trick ‘r treating. Kids really enjoy the surprise ending and so do parents.

After a night of fright, I decided to calm children’s fears by with Bye, Bye Boogeyman.
This rip-roaring tale of a fearless little girl who torments the boogeyman until he begs to be set free. This story was inspired by a spooky night in my auntie's creepy old house. We heard footsteps clomping up the stairs to our bedroom in the middle of the night—no one every arrived. I gripped my cousin’s feed as she twisted her tiny body around the staircase to see who was there. Do you know who was there? Not a single soul! Or, maybe it was! We slept in the closet that night. Knowing what I know now, that Boogeyman would have had the night of his life.

When you read my Halloween books to your children, you share a little piece of my Halloween spirit. Make these books a part of your Halloween family tradition.