Stenciling Fabric for HallowStyle Pillows

There nothing more fun than primitive Halloween especially for witches with black cats.  I found some great Halloween stencil on EBAY that are perfect for pillow covers. If you want to give it a go, this is what you will need:


  • Tulip Fabric Paint
  • Stencil
  • Canvas fabric that will fit your stencil
  • Painters tape
  • Pouncers or stencil brush
  • Cardboard or foam board
  • Iron to set your pattern

Step 1:  Gather your materials. Mount your stencil on board backing to prevent bleed through to the back of your fabric or table top using painter's tape.


Tips: You may want to tape around the trim of the stencil to prevent stencil paint from bleeding on the fabric. It also helps to attach the stencil directly to the fabric using water soluable spray bond or other spray adhesive that you can easily remove from stencil.



Step 2: Use very little paint and pounce the color onto the stencil with your pouncers working from the inside out of the negative space. Carefully remove the stencil while wet.



Immediately clean your stencil with soap and water and store flat to save for many more impressions.

Step 4: Let dry 24 hours and iron to set the design using an ironing cloth.