My First Bat of 2018: Meet Umber the Little Brown Bat

I had not seen a bat at my home in 15 years. I couldn't believe my eyes when this little guy made an appearance on my back porch today. He's perfectly healthy. I think he just got disturbed from his hibernation with all the activity going on around the house.

I've been so busy advocating for bats this past winter that I haven't taken one moment for myself. Blogging, designing and creating with these little guys' futures in mind have all but monopolized my every thought.

Computer nerd by day, artist and bat advocate by night. Seems like a good balance. However, I had not seen a bat in years and the threat of white-nose syndrome really caught my attention.

After much hemming and hawing over where to place my new bat house encounaging bat safety and preservation, my husband yelled for me. "Honey, I think you have your first bat!" he shouted. And that I did! My heart was beating out of my chest. What a gift!