Getting a Bat Education

In preparation for my new bat house delivery. I feel I should be a responsible bat advocate and learn as much as possible about my new guests. I began thinking about what could happen to them under my care. We have owls who also make our wooded sanctuary their home.  What if some one gets hurt? What if a baby falls out of its roost? I would hate to be responsible for a bat death.

I discovered this informative little book about living with bats. America's Neighborhood Bats by Merlin Tuttle is a quick, yet thorough read. I highly recommend it for anyone who has an interest in protecting our little winged superheros. 

Americas Neighborhood Bats covers:

  • Building a bat house
  • How to properly remove a bat from your home
  • Understanding bat behaviors
  • How to live in harmony with bats
  • Dispelling bat myths

Merlin Tuttle has been studying bats since 1959. He is an amazing wildlife photographer and founded Bat Conservation International (BCI). Merlin Tuttle is the real BATMAN!

If you love bats, read more about Merlin Tuttle. He is an amazing bat activist. Watch this video from 1984 where Merlin speaks about bats to David Letterman. It's so funny.