My Magical Monster Mist


Have monsters in my room or monsters under the bed troubles?

Here is my secret potion that is quick and easy for parents and children to brew up and spray away those troublesome monsters.

Works on monsters under the bed,
ghosts in the closet, witches in the walls,
and most all creatures of the night—
including hairy, scary boogeymen


Unscented Body/Linen Spray Base
A Mist Bottle (The Dollar Store)
2 ounce Scent of Your Choice ( I use something sweet that kids like and Boogeyman HATE!)



Pour everything in a spray bottle. Use your judgement on the scent. Start with 1/2 ounce and build up. I use 2 ounces.

Close the bottle tightly.

Shake it well.

Do not spray on your skin not all fragrance oils are skin safe!

This is very important. Once you create the mist you have to say the magical words or it will not work!

Venom of snake and fairy dust
Monsters do what i say—you must,
Scent of unicorns, juice of fly
Bye, bye boogeyman bye, bye.