Umber the Little Brown Bat Enamel Pin

Umber the Little Brown Bat Enamel Pin


*Please note pin card are no longer available. Pin is in plastic envelope.

If you are concerned about bat preservation or just love bats, you will do good by wearing this "Umber - The Little Brown Bat" pin.

When you wear this bat design, it becomes a conversation piece and you become an instant advocate for saving the lives of this misunderstood creature of the night.

This unique, hard enamel bat pin is mounted on an business card sized pin holder and contains a url to learn more about Little Brown Bats. PLEASE NOTE: TINY GIFT BAG IS NOT INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE. I am happy to make you one for an added fee of $1.50.

Why Save Our Bats

Bats are an important component to our ecosystem. Depending on the type of bat and their location, they support unique needs in preserving our food sources.

Project Little Brown Bat

I often use bats is my sewing and ceramic work. Not only do I love bats, but I love making bat art. That said, I will be working in my studio during the winter and spring months getting my work ready for shows. I will be donating 10% of the sales of any of my bat-related projects to Bat World Sanctuary located in Texas. I was fortunate to visit Austin where the South Congress Bat Bridge is located. Texas is a bat-friendly state.

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