Why Save Our Bats

Bats are an important component of our ecosystem. They serve unique functions based on bat species and location. They act as pollinators and are natural insect exterminators necessary to preserve our food sources.

Three important reasons we need bats are:

  1. Bats eat insects by the ton. They can consume enough insects in one night to protect acres of crops.

  2. Bats are instrumental in reforestation though seed dispersion.

  3. Fruit bats serve as pollinators for different flower types.

It's unfortunate that we are taught that bats are nasty little creatures. 

My First Bat Encounter

I was was about five or six years old when I had my first bat encounter. We lived in a historic house divided into apartments. The attic door was in the living room—not in the ceiling like most homes today. It was easy for bats to fly down into our living area, so they did on several occasions. Why I was raised to fear bats as a child is beyond me. "Cover your head! Bats will make a nest in your hair." What?  What a load of crap! Today, I probably wouldn't mind that. It would make for a great natural hair decoration.

Today, I am horrified at the thought of my mother chasing a little brown bat around the living room with a broom trying to knock it out to get it out cold. (There ARE better, more humane ways.) Or, the neighbor running around screaming, "There's a bat in the house! There's a bat in the house!" like she was in an inferno.

Baseball Playing Bats

We would see confused bats flying around at dusk. The boys would throw baseballs in the air and the bats would dive-bomb them. Probably because they sensed intrusion of their airspace using their internal radar. We didn't know any better.  It saddens me to think I haven't really seen a bat since my childhood. Maybe I'm just paying more attention now then as I did when I was a kid considering they were represented as blood-sucking demons. Yet, I feel the need to come to the aid of these little brown bats to save them from some ignorant humans and you can help.

Five Ways You Can Help Save a Bat

The best thing you can do to save a bat is go to your local Department of Conservation (DEC) and read as much as you can about your local bat population. In the interim, here are four things you can do right now to help save your bat population.

  1. Learn the proper way to save a bat.

  2. DO NOT EVER disturb or let someone disturb hibernating bats!

  3. Be a bat ambassador.

  4. Build Bat Houses and learn first hand how to help them live.

  5. Buy a Bat Lives Matter Pin. When you wear this bat design, it becomes a conversation piece and you become an instant bat advocate and a voice for these misunderstood creatures.

Project Little Brown Bat

I often use bats is my sewing and ceramic work. Not only do I love bats, but I love making bat art. That said, I will be working in my studio during the winter and spring months getting my work ready for shows. I will be donating 10% of my proceeds from my HallowStyle shoppe to Bat World Sanctuary located in Texas.  I was fortunate to visit Austin where the South Congress Bat Bridge is located. Texas is a bat-friendly state. Unfortunately, the bats were ready to migrate to Mexico. I didn't see them, but I heard them and their sound was just as effective. 

There's so much to learn. Let's get started by doing our part.

But hey, if you love your food sprayed with insecticides and don't care much about eating. Just don't do anything.